Newsletter, September 2019 - Green New Deal

8 November 2019

With the possibility of a snap general election and our proposition of a Green New Deal, this month's newsletter explores the way in which Green issues impact all other areas of political, social, and economic growth across the country.

Local Issues

It's been an intense few months, filled with uncertainty and disbelief for Green Parties up and down the country. From our un-elected PM's prorogation of Parliament, to the unfolding disaster that is Brexit, and, of course, the on-going state of the climate emergency.

It has been a challenging time both politically and socially, particularly here in the North West where we suffer the worst effects of austerity, something that has failed to improve under Lancashire County Council's recent Conservative majority. As Blackpool and Fylde Green Party, we are currently preparing for what is expected to be a snap general election. Expect more information and updates from us as this unfolds.

Green Party of England and Wales

The surge that brought us record numbers of Green councillors and Green MEPs this year is certainly a reflection of the electorate's increasing concern for the state of the environment and a demand for action.

We've seen huge volumes of people rising up, not just in the UK but worldwide, to express how important Green issues are to them. The Greens have and always will be the only political party that has consistently campaigned for the protection of the environment.

Unlike other political parties, the Greens understand the intricate relationship between the environment and political, social and economic growth. We are positive that the solution is already plain to see and it is this: a Green New Deal...

Green New Deal

From transitioning to renewable energy sources and generating affordable transport solutions, all the way to ensuring the environmental sustainability of new homes (and retrofitting existing ones), a Green New Deal (GND) is the most straightforward solution to the pressing problems we face today. 

A GND will benefit more than just the environment: it will reduce fuel poverty, create amazing new jobs, and radically improve the lives of all people across the country. Don't be mislead, other parties may have their own watered-down versions of the GND, but can they be trusted to deliver on this? The Green Party of England and Wales has never prioritised profit over the environment and never will; the future is too important. For more details on the Green New Deal click here.

Prospective Parlimentary Candidate Profile:
Becky Daniels - Blackpool South


What Inspired You to Join the Green Party?

"I was inspired to join the Green Party after spending the summer campaigning at the Preston New Road Fracking site. I met lots of members of the Green Party and really enjoyed engaging in conversations with like minded individuals who held a promise for a better future. I believed joining would enable me to help take a more active role in supporting a party which honestly put the people and the environment first."

What Issue is Most Important to You?

"The environment and education are issues that are very close to my heart. I am currently undertaking a degree in Teaching and Learning Support and am in my final year working hard on my dissertation. I realised, during this training and my other pursuits in environmental activism, that education plays a key role in providing future generations with the knowledge and skills to prepare for a better, brighter and greener future. Unfortunately our current curriculum is failing to provide young people with clear and concise information regarding the future of the planet and the climate crisis we are facing."

If You Could Change or Do One Thing Today to Improve the Future, What Would It Be?

"Honestly? If I could change one thing, I would go back in time to before we knew the results of the industrial revolution would bring about the climate crisis and tell them that there is a better way. I would like to go back to a time before the destruction of our planet became such a huge source of profit - when people still had an open mind to such technological advances - and explain that we do not have to drill and drain the Earth. Instead, we can work with the resources readily available to us and promote renewable energy."

Anything Else You'd Like to Say?

"I believe we can make a difference. By uniting community with community, nation with nation, we will achieve a future that works for all; a future where no one person is left behind."

Join the Green Party today to support the only political party dedicated to fighting for climate justice and don't forget to make sure you and your family are all registered to vote.

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