United Resistance at PNR Say Help Needed

24 March 2018

A Cry for Help...
Please don't turn away, it really is you that can make all the difference to the people of Lancashire who are in urgent need of your help. We face a huge threat to our health, our children's futures and the safety of the air and water we all depend on and share throughout the country.

The search for gas beneath our community is at a critical stage and the drill is deep now into the shale; as the company behind the site just outside Blackpool, prepares to begin fracking. 

We have worked so hard for seven years to stop this industry and as a UK-wide movement, have grown, united, resisted and succeeded in halting any further fracking in the UK since the one and only fracking operation here in 2011. But now... we are so close we can sense the methane, feel the tingle of potential seismic activity and ache just knowing, what more could come.

The stress on our community reached its peak on 4th January 2017 when Cuadrilla came back and started development of a new site on the busy A583 (Preston New Road) and that stress has not eased in the many hundreds of days since> We residents and generous supporters who travel to support us, have gathered at the site every single day and used every lawful and non-violent method we could find to stop this industry from bringing industrialised danger to our doorsteps. 

Drillers Cuadrilla are about nine months behind schedule (yay!) but we need to make this stop before it ruins even more lives and depletes and exhausts those of us who have had to put so much into this. Of course we cannot expect people to just stop working, stop providing for their families, stop tending to the needs of those who depend on them and join us each day... all we're asking for is that when you book a break and some time off, that you think of us.

We have arranged a wonderful opportunity for anyone to find their way to help.... from banner waving, bearing witness or help with cooking and welfare - to non-violent direct actions and everything in-between. The United Resistance... 3 months of Love & Defiance, divides up and distributes the hard work of daily activism into 'niche weeks' where groups take responsibility for a set Monday to Friday 8:30-18:00 period of time with the sole aim to resist fracking. You... can join on any day, stay for any period of time and all we ask is that you bring your very valuable self.

In return, we will provide a wonderful space at our 'Community Hub' (just 10 mins from the Cuadrilla site) for breakfast and evening meals (no cost) and deliver lunch at the roadside. We also have 3 camping areas (no cost) and of course as we're so close to lovely Blackpool, plenty of B&B options nearby. The added extras you'll enjoy should you join us include a huge sense of warm solidarity, self empowerment and a real sense of community and purpose... and the children will eternally be grateful that you stood for them 

Week 1: Women's Week 2-6 April
Week 2: Political Colours 9-13 April
Week 3: North West Week 16-20 April
Week 4: No Faith in Fracking 23-27 April
Week 5: Art & Music Week 30 April-4 May
Week 6: Save our Land 7-11 May
Week 7: Uniting the Roses 14-18 May
Week 8: Camps United 21-25 May
Week 9: International Week 28 May-1 June
Week 10: Unions 4-8 June
Week 11: Green Party 11-15 June
Week 12: PNR Week 18-22 June
Week 13: RtP & FInale Week 25-29 June


Week One, 2nd - 6th April: Nanas/Women against Fracking
Week Two, 9th - 13th April: Political Colours
Week Three, 16th - 20th April: North West Week
Week Four, 23rd - 27th April: No Faith in Fracking
Week Five, 30th April - 4th May: Art And Music Against Fracking
Week Six, 7th - 11th May: Save Our Land
Week Seven, 14th - 18th May: Uniting the Roses
Week Eight, 21st - 25th May: Local Camps and Health day
Week Nine, 28th May - 1st June: International Week
Week Ten, 4th - 8th June: Unions
Week Eleven, 11th - 15th June: Green Party Week
Week Twelve 18th - 22nd June: Preston New Road
Week Thirteen 25th - 29th June: Reclaim the Power + Finale Week


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