Tina launches fundraising efforts for the G.E.

3 May 2017

Tina launched her local party fundraising effort with the following message -


The Fylde may not be considered a marginal seat but it presents a huge opportunity to reach people who may not yet be engaged in the fight to empower local democracy and stop fracking decimating our air and water quality, community health, agricultural land, roads and most importantly... our children's health. Currently, Mark Menzies MP Fylde is helping to ensure his Conservative Party are unchallenged and it is through your vote that we can make a dent in his 'safe seat'.

Fylde voters have much to consider at this crucial time. Fracking is a current and urgent major threat to our rural area; major industrialisation could put both our farming and tourism industries at risk which will negatively impact jobs and the very way our lives are lived.

For six years I've been campaigning to strengthen local democracy and to stop the shale gas industry. The Green Party of England and Wales is the only party that matches my hopes and intent for a future where renewable energy is pivotal not only to the way we get energy but to the jobs it will bring, the community power it will generate and the ways in which our community and family health will improve.

Lobbyists for industry have for too long had a louder voice in government than the people of the UK and it is imperative that we change this before more harm is done; the Green Party seeks to 'hack the system' to change it in ways that benefit people as well as business. Voting reform is a priority too as our First Past the Post system means we can have a government like this one that was only supported by 24% of the eligible voting population.

Our legacy to our children is at stake and we can't take that lightly - it is our greatest obligation.

Any funds raised will be used for our local Green Party campaign costs: deposit, printing, mailing etc. and supporting our activities here."


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