Tina Louise Rothery - Candidate for Fylde


Photo of Tina Louise RotheryTina Louise Rothery has been selected by the Blackpool & Fylde Green Party, to be their prospective parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Fylde

Tina lives in Blackpool. She was the Green Party's first-ever parliamentary candidate for Tatton Constituency in 2015. She is a prominent campaigner in the North West anti-fracking movement









Candidate Statement

Tina joined the Green Party as a committed member “because unlike other parties, it is not funded by big business and is not influenced, swayed, encouraged or bullied by corporate interests, and because we are focused on the issues that matter; the preservation of our NHS, the integrity of our education, clean affordable energy, getting the railways back into public ownership, fair taxation, action to tackle air pollution and refusing the advance of dangerous industries."

"Fylde voters have much to consider at  this crucial time. Fracking is now a major threat to our rural area. Industrialisation could put both our farming and tourism industries at risk. This is not just about damaging our environment, our roads and the health of our communities - particularly the most vulnerable. It is about supporting local democracy against overbearing government. This is why I have campaigned for six years for local voices to be heard on this issue. It’s a tough challenge, and I would appreciate your ongoing support."

e-mail: tina.rothery@greenparty.org.uk 

Facebook:  Tina For Fylde

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Promoted by Phillip Armstrong  of Blackpool and Fylde Green Party, at 54 Hodder Avenue, BLACKPOOL, FY1 6NS. 

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